Ruse de Guerre

Touring Highlights

  • Jammin’ Java (Vienna, VA)
  • Black Cat (Washington, DC)
  • DC9 (Washington, DC)
  • Rock & Roll Hotel (Washington, DC)
  • The Canal Club (Richmond, VA)
  • The Camel (Richmond, VA)
  • Desmond’s Tavern (New York City, NY)
  • Pat Sommer’s Rock Shop (Vienna, VA)


Athena Kennedy |

Ruse de Guerre

Originally from the D.C. suburb of Reston, VA, rock band Ruse de Guerre has won over fans across the country with their combination of alternative rock, jazz and blues melodies, postmodern indie/punk lyrical elements, and frenetic live energy.  Featuring Marc Saucer (vocals, guitar) Daniel Quirke (guitar), Hapa Siehengalu (bass, backing vocals), and Tonito Walls (drums, saxophone, backing vocals), Ruse played their debut show in 2015 opening for fellow Reston idols RDGLDGRN, followed two weeks later by a sold-out headliner at Jammin’ Java.  That same year, the band released a debut EP, Empire, which the band recorded entirely in analog at the historic Inner Ear Studio with legendary producer Don Zientara (Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Foo Fighters, John Frusciante).  Since then, they’ve performed extensively throughout the D.C. scene at venues including Black Cat, DC9, and the Rock & Roll Hotel, and also completed two East Coast tours.

Currently, Ruse de Guerre is wrapping up work on their debut album at Baltimore’s WrightWay Studios with engineer Drew Lamond (Jay-Z, Slipknot, Mos Def, MIA, Avril Lavigne), which is scheduled for release in summer 2018.


“Ruse de Guerre mixes punk intensity with complex guitar and bass lines by lead guitarist Daniel Quirke and bassist Haps Siuhengalu that can kick you in the teeth one song, and then implore a waltz time signature the next.” – Odyssey

“…the name “Ruse de Guerre,” whatever its meaning, should be at the forefront of your musical consciousness; and the music that Ruse de Guerre makes, and the implications that come with it, should never be forgotten.” – DC Music Review